REHAB: "The 12 Steps to Financial Security  By Flipping Houses" 

A Book that Detoxes You from All the False Real Estate Teachings Of Today... Leaving You Hooked and Addicted to Flipping Houses Tomorrow

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So What’s This Book All About?

Allow Me to Explain...

Want a Small Taste of What You Will Learn?

Three CRITICAL Takeaways:

  1. A covert targetting strategy that will help you locate houses with tons of equity, right in your own neighborhood! Chapter 2 will reveal where to look and what to look for to find the best deals.
  2. How to negotiate with sellers, and WIN every time. There is an entire chapter dedicated to helping you learn the 10 irrefutable rules of negotiating for higher returns. 
  3. Analyzing the cost of a rehab in under 5 minutes or less.  Yes, there is a trick to this, and Chapter 5 of this book will show you exactly how to do it! 
   ...And those are only 3 lessons out of 12!

Who the Heck is "Rob the House Guy" Anyway?

Rob "The House Guy" Gillespie is a seasoned real estate investor who has been buying, fixing, and flipping houses in Northeast Ohio for nearly the last two decades.

Characterized by his quick wit, positivity, and his ability to light up a room with his personality, Rob has earned his reputation as being America's leading authority in residential real estate investment, as well as a highly sought after real estate coach, consultant, and public speaker.

After battling the real estate crash and coming out on top, the "House Guy" continues to find new ways to help others meet the challenges and adversities faced by the majority of real estate investors today.

In response to all of the overwhelming hype and false information being taught about real estate investing, Rob released his latest publication "Rehab" as a way to share nearly two decades of true experience in the form of a field-tested roadmap to real estate prosperity.  

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